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PlaceMe UK is an innovative recruitment firm based in Central London (Marble Arch). The firm provides a first class, advisory recruitment service in the Healthcare industry. We delight in anticipating the needs of our clients and candidates and maintain long-term relationships to further this goal.
For Healthcare Providers including NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers, we deliver permanent nurses and doctors with a service that's 24/7.

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Clinic Jobs in the UK – What to Expect

Working in healthcare can be tough work, but it’s also one of the most rewarding sectors for the right candidate. Looking for clinic jobs in the UK? This blog post covers some of the things you should expect.

Full and Part-Time Options

Whether you’re looking for full or part-time employment, you should be able to find a clinic near you that’s a good fit. Your specific skill set, experience level, and area will determine the schedule you’re likely to get.

A Range of Responsibilities

The good news here is that working in a clinic comes with a diverse range of responsibilities. Administrative tasks, consultations, and client monitoring are among the most common jobs you may be dealing with.

Room to Grow

A good recruitment agency can help you find jobs with the space you need to grow. Promotions, salary increases, and improved prospects are sometimes just an application away.

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Enhanced DBS Checks for Medical Jobs

Looking for medical jobs in the UK? You’ll need to go through what’s called an advanced DBS check. These checks are designed to keep both the public and NHS staff safe. In this post, we’ll explore the DBS details.

Enhanced DBS Checks – Nursing

As a nurse, medical assistant, or doctor, you’ll be working closely with the public every single day. The justification for enhanced DBS checks in the medical sector is that such a public-facing role requires an extra level of scrutiny.

What They Cover

An enhanced DBS check looks at the following:

  • Any past criminal cautions
  • Any past criminal reprimands
  • Any warnings
  • Spent and unspent criminal convictions
  • The Children’s barred list
  • Adult First checks

Who Has to Pay?

There’s no law in the UK requiring employers to pay for DBS checks. This means that depending on your trust or hospital, you may be asked to pay for your check yourself. This is usually a £38 charge.

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