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NHS Entitlement for Migrants – What You Need to Know

The NHS is an incredible institution that benefits citizens across the United Kingdom, but what can you access if you’ve travelled from abroad? In this post, we’ll cover the basics.

EU Nationals (Plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland)

Short-stay EU citizens can continue to access necessary medical care through the EU’s EHIC scheme – no change there.

When staying in the UK for longer than 6 months, EU citizens will pay a surcharge that grants them access to NHS services.

Non-EEA Nationals

Other immigrants to the UK have to pay an “immigration health surcharge” when applying for a VISA that’s longer than six months. This costs £470 a year for students and £624 a year for everyone else.

A Helpful Resource

More guidance on this topic can be found here.

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The Values of the NHS – Our Quick Guide

Working for the NHS can be a life-changing career. The organisation follows a set of principled values that helps them continue to offer incredible healthcare that’s free at the point of access.

Let’s explore those values below!

The Values at a Glance

At a glance, the following principles are very important at the NHS. When applying for a job at the NHS, you’ll need to demonstrate how you’d uphold these principles.

  • Respect and dignity for all.
  • Collaborating for patients.
  • Commitment to high-quality care.
  • Compassion at all times.
  • The goal should be to improve the lives of patients.
  • Everyone matters.

Learn more about the NHS’ values here.

The NHS E-Tool

Want to swot up before an NHS interview? Use this e-tool to make sure your values revision is on track!

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